We provide all kind of Iranian raisins include Sun dried, Sultana, Golden, Green for our customers in different grade and manner.
At the September, grapes are reaped so expert consulters start to buy good quality crops from farmers.
Then depends the kind of raisin requested the process operations manipulate in the factory.
Process includes some of same operations for all kind of raisins like washing, cleaning, sorting, controlling and packing but they are different in drying manner.

Sun dried or Black raisins directly are dried buy sun and no additional materials are added to them.
Sultana raisin when have been drying a few allowed additional materials like paraffin or edible oil are added to them that affect their color and taste.
Golden raisins additional above processes are affected by sulfur to have better color and increasing defense power against vermin.

Note: *Iranian raisin according to the quantity of berries in 100 gram classify
to three parts small, medium and large as show in below.
Kind Number
large <300
medium 301-360
small >360

But also we can supply raisins that prepare and sort by modern scan laser
machinery with your desirable size as shown in bellow.
Small raisin: 550-650 berries in 100 gram.
Medium raisin: 350-450 berries in 100 gram.
Jumbo raisin: 250-270 berries in 100 gram.